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We welcome students of all ages*, genders and countries. It’s never too early, nor too late, to start learning Chinese!
* If you are under 13 years old we will need to contact your parents or legal tutors in order for you to enrol in one of our Chinese courses.

Of course. Our first level (Level 1) is for absolute beginners. No need to know anything in advance. All of our teachers are very experienced teaching the basics of Mandarin: pronunciation, basic grammar, introduction to simplified written Chinese and much more.

In all our levels English is the teaching language and all our teachers are proficient in English. Nevertheless, once you reach medium and higher levels our teachers will intentionally use Chinese more and more often and eventually the whole class will be held in Chinese.

We believe it is impossible to master Mandarin Chinese pronunciation without a native teacher. Therefore, all of our teachers are native Chinese speakers.

Right away! We are opened to enrolments all the year, 24/7. You can enrol to multiple levels at once in order to get discounts or, if you prefer, you can enrol to one of our levels and then, when you pass it, enrol for the next.

Right away! Once you are enrolled you will have full access to our class scheduler tool. Using this tool you can freely pick an available hour of your favorite teacher: tomorrow, one week from now… whenever suits you best!

Indeed! We organise summer camps to learn Mandarin Chinese in China! Ask for more information!

All our classes are one to one. You and your teacher only.

We recommend you to take at least one or two classes per week, but there are no limits to the number of classes you can take. You can make it as intensive or extensive as you like!

For now we offer 8 full levels. During the demonstration class, a teacher will also evaluate your level and assess at what Picto Chinese level you will begin to learn Chinese more comfortably.

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